Oye! Rickshaw: How to book ride through Oye! Rickshaw

Has anyone ever thought that electric rickshaw can book through an app? No? So in this article, I will tell you how Oye! Rickshaw has made it possible to book a ride of an electric rickshaw.

Oye! Rickshaw is an online e-rickshaw platform designed to provide last-mile transportation to the commuters on a shared and private basis. The company’s motive is to provide easy and convenient transportation to daily passengers at discounted prices.

Let’s know more about the concept of Oye! Rickshaw:

About Oye Rickshaw!

Oye Rickshaw! is an electronic rickshaw booking platform. The Delhi based company started back in 2017. Mr Mohit Sharma(B.Tech from IIT Delhi, Ex-Founder of Jangid Motors) and Mr Akashdeep Singh(B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering (MNNIT) is the founder of Oye Rickshaw!.

They first experimented with an MVP(Minimum Viable Product) which was built by the team of 4 members. They were aware of the fact that daily commuters are still facing problems while many options are available in the market. 

Company’s Mission

Company’s focus is to provide benefits to the daily commuters as well as to their partner drivers. They’re comprehensively looking to provide short-distance rides at affordable prices.

Although there are many options available for Delhiites for long-distance travelling such as Ola, Uber etc. which provides cheap rides, however, for a shorter distance, there are fewer options available. Oye Rickshaw! is the only app-based platform which provides the facility to book electric rickshaw. It also gives the freedom to book shared or a private ride.

Company’s Journey

Since this company has started, it has accomplished many milestones. As the years are passing, the company is growing and looking forward to providing customer satisfaction. Let’s know about the company’s journey till now:

  • Although Oye Rickshaw! was started in 2017, the company launched its full-fledged operations in Dec 2018. 
  • In 2019, Oye Rickshaw! completed 2.2M rides.
  • 2020 is the year when the company has achieved the milestone of completing 3M rides and became India’s largest electronic rickshaw aggregator.

Now it’s time to know how Oye! Rickshaw is providing services to its users.

Benefits provided by Oye! Rickshaw
  1. The first ride will be free of cost. That means when you take your first ride through Oye Rickshaw! the app, it will not be chargeable.
  2. Oye! Pass is also available at a reasonable cost. You will get Rs.15 off on 10 rides if you go with Rs.50 pass. This pass will be valid for 10 days.
  3. Another pass is of Rs.100 in which you will get Rs. 20 off on 15 rides. This pass is valid for 15 days.
  4. There is an option available to link your metro card with Oye! Rickshaw app.
  5. One more great option available is to add your emergency contacts. You can share your location with your trusted ones. There is a maximum of 2 contact numbers can get added.
How to book a ride with Oye! Rickshaw?

It is so easy to book a ride Oye! Rickshaw. You need to follow these simple steps:

  • Just select your pickup and drop location.
How to book ride through Oye! Rickshaw
Image Source- Oye! Rickshaw app
  • Choose your ride type(shared or private) and payment mode.
How to book ride through Oye! Rickshaw
Image Source- Oye! Rickshaw app
  • Track your driver’s location. You will remain anonymous for them.
How to book ride through Oye! Rickshaw
Image Source- Oye! Rickshaw app
  • In the end, rate your trip accordingly.
How to book ride through Oye! Rickshaw
Image Source- Oye! Rickshaw app

I and my husband have already tried a ride through Oye! Rickshaw and believe me, it was a good experience. Our first ride was for free of cost. Whereas for another ride we just paid Rs.5 per person instead of Rs.10 per person. Drivers were good as well as they were riding rickshaws very well.

If you are a daily commuter and looking for some cheap rides from your home to metro stations or within the radius of 5 k.m., then you can go for Oye! Rickshaw. For more information, you can visit the official website.

Disclaimer: This is article is for knowledge purpose. We are not doing any kind of a promotion.

Thank you for reading!

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