Two Magical Voices of Delhi Metro- Rini Simon Khanna and Shammi Narang

Delhi Metro has become the Lifeline for millions of people living in Delhi. During this lockdown due to COVID-19, Delhi Metro had shut down all its services. But as soon as the Delhi Metro resumed all services after 174 days, it started the same announcements which were heard during the journey in Delhi Metro. Two magical voices of Delhi Metro.

Agla Station Kashmiri Gate hai. Darwaze bayin taraf khulenge”.

“Next Station is Kashmiri Gate. Doors will open on the left”.

Remember those? I believe yes. Many of us must have memorized these announcements. Voices that give information about all the upcoming stations, gates opening and closing and what should be done in the metro and what not. Those are two magical voices of Delhi Metro-Rini Simon Khanna (in English) and Shammi Narang (in Hindi).

So let’s know about these two people that how they got chances to give their voice in Delhi Metro for the announcements.

Rini Simon Khanna
Two Magical Voices of Delhi Metro- Rini Simon Khanna and Shammi Narang
Image Source- Alchetron

Rini Simon Khanna was born in 1964 in Kerala. The thing which will amaze you is that she completed her schooling from 9 different schools. All were in different states of the country. That happened because her father was an Indian Air Force officer and due to this she had to study in different schools.

At the age of 13, Khanna started hosting programmes and interviews on All India Radio. From 1985-2001, she served Doordarshan as a news anchor.

She also worked as a voice-over artist and anchor in many events. Her voice is so deep due to which her announcements sound robotic but they are easy to understand.

Rimi Simon Khanna voice-overed in many documantry films, advt films and feature films. Along with this, she has also done commentary on the occasions of Independence Day and Republic Day for radio and television. 

Later on, her voice was picked by the Delhi Metro for the announcements in English.

Shammi Narang
Two Magical Voices of Delhi Metro- Rini Simon Khanna and Shammi Narang
Image Source- INDIA New England News

Shammi Narang was born in 1956 in Delhi. He was also the part of Doordarshan but this was not his first break, although he was selected among 10,000 candidates.

He was first selected for the Hindi division of the Voice of America as a voice-over artist. Narang got this opportunity when he was in IIT, Delhi. 

He was spotted in the campus by Flanager, a technical director of the United States Information Service (Delhi). Flanager asked Shammni Narang to assist him in his sound testing. Flanager got so impressed by the voice of Shammi Narang and selected him for the Hindi division of the Voice of America.

You can spot him in some movies as well- Uttejna(Lead Role), The Web of the Witch(Guest Appearance) and Sarbjit(Guest Appearance. 

Shammi Narang gave his voice not only for Delhi Metro but you will get to listen to his deep baritone voice in Mumbai Metro, Rapid Metro in Gurugram, Jaipur Metro, Hyderabad Metro, Bengaluru Metro and Noida Metro as well.

Now after reading this article, next time whenever you travel in a metro train, these two names will click in your mind. Two magical voices of the Delhi Metro- Rini Simon Khanna and Shammi Narang.

Thank you for reading!

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