What is Plasma Therapy? Plasma| Does Plasma Therapy help to fight COVID-19?

As the coronavirus pandemic has spread its arms all over the world, the need for its vaccine became very important. Most of the people who are associated with the medical profession have recommended an old technique for battling this infectious disease. The treatment suggested by them is called Plasma Therapy

This is a pathological process where blood is donated by the recovered patients to establish antibodies that fight with infection. People have so many questions about this therapy in their mind, Why is it done? How much effective this therapy is? 

So, let us shed some light upon these questions.

What is Plasma?
What is Plasma Therapy? Plasma| Does Plasma Therapy help to fight COVID-19?
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The majorly known components of blood are White blood cell, Red blood cell and platelets. But there is one more component of blood which is equally essential and important for the body is Plasma.

This is a fluid which carries the blood components throughout the body. It secures the largest part of blood. It is alone more than half (about 55%) of the overall content of the blood.

When separated from the other components of the blood, Plasma comes out as a light yellow liquid. Plasma carries water, salts and enzymes.

The main role of plasma is to take nutrients, hormones, and proteins to the various parts of the body that needs it. 

What is Plasma Therapy?

Plasma therapy is a preventive procedure that uses the blood of a person who has recovered from infectious disease to create antibodies for infected patients. It is medically known as Convalescent Plasma Therapy.

For an example, if a person recovered from COVID-19 then he/she develops antibodies against COVID-19 and these antibodies might use to cure those with severe SARS-CoV-2 infection to aid recovery.

This plasma is injected into an infected person’s body to fight the virus and neutralise it from spreading.

Does Plasma Therapy help to fight COVID-19?

Till now, officially it has not claimed by anyone that this Therapy works for every COVID-19 infected patient. Research is still on the way to see the efficiency of Plasma Therapy. Furthermore, Plasma Therapy has shown some positive results when tried on the patients in Delhi and Mumbai. It improves the ability of a person to fight the disease.

What are the Risks involved in Plasma Therapy?

Though, this therapy has shown some positive results over many COVID infected patients, but unfortunately not on every COVID infected body. Likewise, many other treatments, Plasma Therapy also requires proper supervision of the doctors.

Here are some risks involved in this treatment:

  • As every human body reacts differently, so there are high chances that this therapy may not show a positive result on everyone.
  • This therapy involves blood transfusion. Hence, there is a high risk of transmitting any virus from a recovered patient.
  • There are high chances of contracting with the infection once again.

Plasma Therapy has shown some positive results especially treating COVID patients. Still, more research is required to see the efficacy of this therapy. We can hope for more positive results with Plasma Therapy in future.

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Disclaimer: This article is for knowledge purpose only. We don’t provide any treatment for any of the health related issues.

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